About Indian Idol Academy

Indian Idol Academy has a wonderful mission: we want every child who wants to sing, sing as confidently and with as much joy as possible.

We can’t guarantee that all of our students will make it on the show. But some will. We can guarantee this: your child will leave our classes brimming with song and learning about singing and performing.

How do we measure success? Does your child sing at your next family gathering so that the number of delighted smiles grow? If so, we succeeded. Yep.

Indian Idol Academy is the product of a few bold people from Fremantle Media and KarmYog Media and Arts Education Network. Fremantle owns the global rights to the Brand Idol, and the leadership in India and Asia Pac through India – a country that loves to sign and where the first Idol Junior was being launched – was a place ripe for Indian Idol Academy. This was to be Fremantle’s first venture into an Academy. And it had to be just right. Naturally, they have the highest level of standards.

Here we run a Franchisee of Indian Idol Academy. for more details and register your self.

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